Tips For Organizing A Kitchen – Can You Use A Clean Up?

Is this another day of walking into the kitchen and dreading having to see all the chaos and clutter. I dislike any clutter in the kitchen. I feel like it is closing in on me if I have too much stuff sitting on my counters in disorder.  When it gets like this it is definitely time to take a step back and evaluate what you can do to make better use of your space. We can all use some tips for organizing a kitchen sometimes. I reorganize mine at least once a year, and it seems I find a different ways to do it every time. 


To be successful in a big over haul such as organizing your whole kitchen you will need a plan. Following the process and purchasing helper items ahead of time will make your organization go so much faster and you will not get stuck and not finish. We have all had those types of projects before. Not toady though, you are going to be successful with organizing your kitchen.

Identify Unused Space

Exactly how it sounds, we are identifying unused space around your kitchen. Often times, we do not see the potential of an area until someone else points it out to us. Have a look at the list and see if you have any of these areas of unused space.

  • Top of cabinets – If you cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling. Use this space for bulky appliances that you rarely use, the huge cookbooks that grandma gave you, or even to show off a collection of sort that you may have.
  • Exposed sides of cabinets – If you have an end of a cabinet exposed, add a helper to this area.
  • Inside pantry door – If you do not have anything hanging on the inside of your pantry door, then you have space to add a helper here as well.

Once you have hopefully found yourself a little extra space to work with we can move forward. If you don’t have any of the spaces, do not worry too much. We have plenty of ideas that will help you out too.

Sort It Out

As you start to take things out of cabinets, drawers, pantry, under the stove. Look at each item and decide if it is something that you will need to keep. If it has sentimental value of being a family members or something like that, then of course that would go into the save pile. You most likely will not need to save everything though. I find myself pulling things out I had forgotten that I even had. That would definitely go into a box to donate. My rule of thumb is, outside of sentimental items, if it has not been used in at least one year then it goes away. There is no reason to hold onto items that are unused, take up space and add no value to your kitchen.

Add Helpers

This can get quite fun. You can be as creative as you want with this. Adding helpers is necessary to keep items neatly organized and easily accessible.

  1. Magnetic knife holders – The knives are magnetically held on this holder up on a wall, usually close to your stove or prep area. Like this one, and this his can free up so much counter space.
  2. Shelves or rails and hooks – These can be used on the side of your exposed cabinet to hang utensils or even put spices on.
  3. Shelf risers – Sit these on your counter and not only store items on the shelf, but you can store things under it as well.
  4. Lazy susan – You can use these in your cabinets for spices as well. You can use a lazy susan for all the things that take up space on your counter because they are frequently used. This will not only free up counter space, but I think it makes your kitchen look a little fancier.
  5. Tension rods, vertical shelving racks – You can use either one of these in your pots and pans cabinet, and tupperware. Use the tension rods to stack lids, and bowls together in your tupperware drawer. The tension rods I would recommend for baking sheets turned sideways to keep organized. Tension rods can be adjusted to fit almost any drawer or cabinet. I recommend the vertical shelving racks, as it can hold lids.
  6. Bins/storage containers – By using storage containers or bins and getting rid of bulky packaging on your pantry items you can save tons of space. Cereal, pasta, sugar, flour etc. are a few examples of what to use these for.
  7. Over the door shoe organizer – I especially recommend this if you have children. You can hang this on the inside of your pantry door and use it for everything from storing those pesky grocery store bags that we all still hold onto. How about those odd seasoning packets that you buy once in a while, and even approved snacks for the kids that they don’t have to ask permission for and they can reach it.

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Get Started

You are ready to get started now that you have tips for organizing a kitchen. After sorting, you might not have much to donate or throw out, and that is alright. You can still be very organized with a full kitchen. You might expand upon the helper list, or maybe only use one of the helpers. No way is right or wrong here, make it your own, get creative and I am sure you will be surprised with what the end result is.

Do you have a favorite kitchen helper? Let me know what it is.

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6 thoughts on “Tips For Organizing A Kitchen – Can You Use A Clean Up?”

  1. These are awesome tips! I’m so glad I found this post! I have an outdoor kitchen, since I am living in a trailer and my house is still under construction. The kitchen will be big and you have just given me great ideas how to organize it. I will also use some of these tips for my current outdoor kitchen. I love the magnetic knife holders, that will really save space, the shelf risers and over the door shoe organizers are also brilliant.
    I just have a question, what is a lazy susan?

    • Great! I hope your new kitchen is everything you wish it to be. A lazy susan is a round turntable, or you could say rotating table. They are awesome for spices, and I have one that is a corner cabinet built in that I use for all my plastic storage bowls.

  2. This is an amazing post on organising your kitchen and keeping it tidy. I have learnt so much from your post and going to apply it in my life. Thank you for sharing your amazing tips with us all and making our lives much more organised.
    Best Regards

  3. I really enjoyed the tip for the shoe organizer for kids treats. What a great idea!!! I have went from a family of 5 to one me. I still need to clean out and organize what I need to keep and to donate thanks for the idea’s.


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