Tips For Cleaning A Kitchen – It’s Really Not That Bad

The most dreaded part of cooking for me is the cleanup. Crumbs on the counter, dishes piled up in the sink, dirty pans that can not go into the dishwasher, or risk them getting messed up. With these tips for cleaning a kitchen, hopefully, we can break it down into daily and weekly tasks to make it more manageable. Although, dishes are an everyday task. I know, I know, I dislike them too!

Daily Task

Daily tasks in the kitchen are very much-needed to maintain a routine of cleaning and make it so every day is not a deep clean day. By focusing on just a few tasks every day, you will have to put less effort into the weekly deep cleaning. Daily tasks may have to be performed more than once a day as well, depending on how much time you spend in your kitchen cooking. I usually have to perform daily kitchen cleaning tasks at least two times on a regular day.

  1. Dishes – Wash and dry or unload and load the dishwasher
  2. Stove Top – Remove and food crumbs and wipe down your stovetop
  3. Counters – Wipe down and sanitize
  4. Sink – After all dishes, surfaces and food debris have been cleaned I wash the inside of my sink and faucet
  5. Check your trash – Take out the trash if it is full and put a new bag in your trash can

It seems like a shortlist, and it is. I believe these are the most important things in everyday kitchen maintenance though. Also, even though the list is short, it may take a bit to complete it all. Usually, all of this can take me around 20 minutes or so.


Weekly Task

This list is quite longer. Reason being that these go more in-depth with things that have to cleaned eventually. Completing these tasks once a week will help maintain a much cleaner kitchen and not consume all of your time on one task. Every opened your oven or microwave and thought to yourself, wow this is really dirty? I have too, and then when you finally get around to doing it, cleaning the oven took at least 1 hour. I much prefer to spend 1 hour each week and maintain, then spend so much time focused on one task.

  • Clean Microwave
  • Replace tin foil in the oven
  • Clean under burners on the stove and clean all surfaces
  • Wash backsplash behind the stove
  • Wipe down all cabinet fronts and surfaces
  • Clean the garbage disposal
  • Wash drying rack mat
  • Dispose of all sponges and replace or boil/sanitize them
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Remove all old food from the refrigerator and wash containers

This is a list of my personal weekly task. You can always add more, like cleaning behind the refrigerator and stove. I personally do not clean behind and under these weekly. That would be more of a monthly or bi-monthly task for me. I simply do not have time to do these every week and that is alright too.

Tips For Making Cleaning Easier

While cleaning the kitchen can be a daunting task as a whole it doesn’t have to be too hard. Below are a few tips that I use personally that really help me out, or at least I believe they do.

  • Cleaning the microwave is usually a job that requires some elbow grease (scrubbing). Take 1 cup of water in a microwave-safe cup and microwave until most of the water is boiled out of it 5 to 8 minutes depending on your microwave. Once this is done, simply take a clean cloth and wipe out the microwave. This is by far the easiest method of cleaning all the dried splatter.
  • Cleaning the oven is a task I loath. There really isn’t a good hack to cleaning the oven, or at least that I have found. One way to make it at least a little quicker is to line the bottom of your oven with tin foil. Once a week you can change this out and at least the bottom of your oven will stay clean. Also, when you drop something that will burn and stick the next time you cook, you can just change this out before turning on your oven again.
  • Cleaning sponges are something that most people have in their kitchen. I personally like to use these. They are great for cleaning almost everything and they do not scratch your coated pots and pans. With a sponge you aren’t ready to toss them out if they are still holding up well, but they need to be cleaned frequently. If you have a dishwasher toss it in and sanitize it, if not boil for few minutes to keep it clean. Here is a great quick video on cleaning sponges as well. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
  • Cleaning the garbage disposal can be as simple as tossing a citrus fruit down and turning it on. This should take care of any odors. If you do not have any peelings, I have sprinkled some baking soda in the drain and poured a little bit of white vinegar on it then turn on the disposal.
  • The biggest tip I can give you is to clean as you go. Have a trash bowl or bag on your counter. Dispose of all trash while preparing and cooking into this bowl or bag for quick clean up at the end. This can cut your clean up time by so much. What is easier than to toss it all at the end?

Why Is Cleaning Important?


If you do not maintain a certain level of cleanliness you will have other problems. Salmonella, Campylobacter, pathogenic E coli, and Listeria are bacteria that are usually associated with the temperature of meat and not being cooked properly. These can also be transferred through surfaces that are not cleaned after touching meat. Cockroaches and mice are attracted to a dirty kitchen. A dirty kitchen is perfect for these pests to live in. They will come for food mainly and invite all their little friends when they find a good food source, such as a dirty kitchen. It is very important that you remember to wash your hands, after touching raw meat. Wash your food, meat and vegetables alike, and wash your sink. These steps into cleanliness and cleaning as you go will help your kitchen be as clean as it can be.

A Clean Kitchen Is A Healthy One

A cleaning checklist or schedule can be very handy when trying to manage your kitchen cleaning duties. This can help keep it balanced and not make you feel so overwhelmed when it comes time to clean your kitchen. I hope that with these tips for cleaning a kitchen I have discussed here come in handy. You can always add more tasks or take some away. This is just an idea of what my routine looks like.

If you have a tip or hack for oven cleaning please let me know.

Eat Well

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  1. Thanks for the pointers. Even though I know it doesn’t take that long and isn’t as bad as I make it out to be in my head, I seem to always dread cleaning, well maybe dread is a strong word, an intense dislike. I will keep your words of wisdom in mind the next time I’m about to clean.

  2. You’re right, cleaning is important. Even more now with the dreaded virus looming around. I like your tip ‘clean as you go the most. This makes the work the easiest. Another thing that works for me: see the cleaning time as a moment of reflection. If you keep the end result in mind instead of saying to yourself ‘Yikes, I dislike this’ the task is not too bad. 🙂

  3. Hey,

    This is a really important post, especially for young people who are just moving out of their parents houses and have never cleaned a kitchen in their lives. This was me quite a few years ago, and I could have really benefited from this article. I especially like the reasons you give for a dirty kitchen because they are true. In my first ever flat, I had a few unwanted friends turn up in my kitchen, and they brought their friends and family with them. It is not nice, so mt advice is, take the advice in this article and put it into action.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Oh no Tom, that was very unfortunate for you. I hope that my advice can help anyone who is just getting started on their own or needs a little motivation to keep a schedule.

  4. Tips for cleaning a kitchen is really full of awesome tips to make the job so much easier and more effectively, I really do like cauliflower and broccoli fresh but when I cut it out it causes me such a mess, I was wondering do you have any tips on how to limit my mess and clean up after cutting up these two types of veggies?


    • I too really like cauliflower and broccoli fresh. For these types when preparing them fresh I use a large cutting board and a sharp knife. You need a sharp knife to make smooth cuts and not have to saw at the vegetables. This will keep down on so much mess. Also, cut a small amount at a time. Break the florets off of the main head and then trim down to the desired amount. If you have your trash bowl or a bag handy on the counter just toss the end in there, or keep them to make a stock or soup with. By doing small amounts with a sharp knife, this should leave you with little to clean up other than the trash, cutting board, knife, and maybe a quick wipe of the preparation area. I hope this helps, Jeff.

  5. Nice post. A lot of college students do not know these helpful tips. It can be unfortunate moving away to school and not knowing how to take care of your kitchen. This post will definitely help those who need it.

    Thank you.

  6. I found the helpful tip on cleaning your microwave very usesfull. Good article for first time people to keep kitchen. Safe


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