Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Are southern Thanksgiving side dishes a real thing? Doesn’t everyone have mostly the same side dishes on Thanksgiving? The answer is yes, southern side dishes are very much so a real thing. Also, no everyone will not have the same side dishes on their menu with their turkey. Many will not even eat turkey, they … Read more

Halloween Party Snacks And Treats – So Much Fun

mummy hotdogs

Halloween parties are always a great time for me. I love making treats for all the kids and seeing their faces either light up or show disgust with what I made. My kids like to be scared so I go with more of the hideous Halloween party snacks and treats, but that doesn’t mean everyone … Read more

What To Make With Meatloaf – Best Side dishes

plated meatloaf

When you are planning your dinner mentally and walking around the kitchen you look in the pantry, then the refrigerator, and both all over again. You have decided you are going to make meatloaf and then the question arises, what to make with meatloaf? For some times this is a simple answer and for other … Read more

What To Marinate Chicken With – Here It Is

chicken wings

Everyone loves a good flavored bite of chicken. In the year 2019, it was estimated by the USDA that each American consumed 96.5lbs of chicken. Sometimes it seems like all of our good ideas have been used over and over again and leaves you with the question of what to marinate chicken with this time? … Read more

What’s The Best Cleaner For Granite Countertops?


Granite countertops are beautiful and a great choice for any kitchen. They come in a large variety of colors like lighter shades of tan that have colored flecks in them. To white and even darker brown. Granite is available in so many colors, some granite dealers say up to hundreds or even thousands of possibilities, … Read more

First Apartment Kitchen List – For Houses Too

oven mitts

This is a very exciting time if you are getting ready to move into your very first apartment or house. The feeling of having your own space for the first time is definitely something you will never forget. My first apartment kitchen list will get you started with one of the main areas in an … Read more

Labor Day Cookout Menu Ideas – Yummy

jalapeno poppers

Labor day weekend can be a very fun weekend, but it always comes with a little sadness to me as usually it marks the end of Summer. Labor day cookout menu ideas are always something I start thinking about early though. When you plan early, usually you can execute the plan pretty simply without too … Read more

Ninja Foodi 8qt Review

Product: Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Stainless Steel Price: $229.99 Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon Size Of Capacity: 8 Quart Guarantee: One (1) year limited warranty My Rating: 8/10 Do you love fried food, but hate the mess? Perhaps you forgot to thaw out the meat again for dinner? Steaming vegetables is a perfect way to prepare them, but don’t … Read more

Tips For Cleaning A Kitchen – It’s Really Not That Bad

tips for cleaning a kitchen

The most dreaded part of cooking for me is the cleanup. Crumbs on the counter, dishes piled up in the sink, dirty pans that can not go into the dishwasher, or risk them getting messed up. With these tips for cleaning a kitchen, hopefully, we can break it down into daily and weekly tasks to … Read more