Halloween Party Snacks And Treats – So Much Fun

Halloween parties are always a great time for me. I love making treats for all the kids and seeing their faces either light up or show disgust with what I made. My kids like to be scared so I go with more of the hideous Halloween party snacks and treats, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do things my way. I like the cute Halloween things too. I hope to provide you with enough ideas to get planning for your snacks now.

Baked Goodies

Baking Halloween treats is so much fun, especially if you do it with kids. They get so excited to see what the treats turn into, and their imagination is more adventurous. At least that is what I find with my own kids. They will come up with things and step out of the box in ways I didn’t even think about.

Monster Chocolate Cupcakes: These are so cute and are so simple to make. You will make cupcakes according to directions and cool completely. Top with green or any other color you would like. Frosting the cupcake to make a grass or fur appearance and then add two candy eyes on the top.

Halloween Skeleton Cookies: Cut cookies out with a gingerbread man cookie cutter and bake according to directions. After the cookies have cooled, you can ice them. Use white cookie icing to draw a skeleton figure on the cookies. Then use black to make two eyes nose and a mouth as dots. Let sit overnight for the best results.

Kitty Litter Pan Cake: This cake is probably one of the most hilarious ones I have ever made. It was somewhat hard to convince spider cupcakes

people to eat it. You make this with a cake mix, crumbled cookies, tootsie rolls, and a little food coloring. It’s so easy to make this and makes for a wonderful conversation piece at a Halloween party.

Spider Cupcakes: This is another super simple cupcake to make. By using a chocolate cake mix to make cupcakes. Add some sprinkles, black licorice, and some candy eyes to each one and you have a cupcake.

You can get as creative as you want with decorating cookies and cakes. Take a shortcut and buy cookie dough ready to roll out and cut, or boxed cake mixes and frosting. These will save so much time needed in the baking part so you can get to the fun part so much quicker.

No Baking Required

I love cooking, but baking isn’t my specialty so I tend to lean more towards no-bake treats and snacks. Again, usually by taking the baking part out of it you will be speeding up the process.

Apple Mouth Bites: These are not only an awesome looking treat for Halloween, but they are healthy too. You use apple slices, yogurt covered raisins or sliced nuts, peanut butter, and a tiny bit of food coloring. These come together and resemble a bloody mouth if you put more food coloring in them. You can, however, not put as much food coloring can result in an odd looking smile for younger kids. (You can use halved cookies to make these)

Worms in Dirt: A classic for Halloween is worms in dirt. The taste is always so yummy. Crunched Oreos, pudding, cool whip, and gummy worms. You can use ladyfinger cookies or cookies of that shape to make headstones and turn these cups into a graveyard with worms. These are perfect for children of all ages, and adults too.

Zombie Eyes: Peanut butter balls covered in white chocolate with red food coloring gel and a big candy eye. You can add more or less to these to make them have the appearance you want. You can also decorate these peanut butter balls as spiders too. Either way, these won’t last very long.

Witches Fingers: Cover pretzel rods in green melting chocolate and add a sliver of almond sliced to the shape of a nail and witch such simplicity, you now have a creepy looking finger. If you can’t find green melting chocolate you can buy white and add a little food coloring to it to make the shade of green you want.

These are all pretty simple as they are. I really don’t have too many tips for making this any quicker. Personally, I love my apple slicer to make sure that I have even slices for the appearance of the apple mouth bites. I am personally pretty partial to the worms in dirt and peanut butter bars. They are a couple of my favorites flavors. I love to make peanut butter balls for all holidays.  *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

No-Bake And Just 3 Ingredients

If you are looking for some snacks and treats for Halloween and short on time this is where you will need to be. All of these come together in nearly no time and everyone will love them all.

Witches Brooms: You can make tons of these so fast. All you mini peanut butter cups and pretzel sticks. If you want to get a little witch brooms

fancier with these you can use the pretzel stick, string cheese a little pulled at the end, and red licorice string to tie on the broom.

Bloody Bandaids: Grahm crackers, white frosting, and red food coloring are the perfect 3 ingredients to make the appearance of a bloody bandaid. This one gets quite a few people a little queasy at the thought of blood. Almost as good as the kitty litter box cake.

Ghost Strawberries: For the chocolate covered strawberry lovers. You use white chocolate, strawberries, and melted chocolate chips to make these look like a ghost in just a few minutes. This one is another that is great to let kids decorate for unique faces.

Although these may be the most simple to make time-wise and ingredients, they will be gone first probably. I find these are really popular with the smaller kids as they will ditch the parts they don’t like as much, such as pretzels, and eat the candy or chocolate first.


No one ever said food can’t be a treat too. Especially if we are talking about a party. Everyone will loosen up a little and treat themselves to something maybe they normally would not. This is a shortlist of a few Halloween food items you can make to go along with your snacks if you want to.

mummy hotdogs

  • Mummy hotdogs/Finger hotdogs – You can make these simply by using crescent roll strips to wrap the hotdogs and bake. They will look just like mummies. Add two dots of ketchup to give red eyes. Finger hotdogs are made by making little cuts into the hotdog to look like joints and add a cut piece of onion to look like the nail. You can add ketchup here to look like blood or not.
  • Zombie meatloaf – Use your favorite meatloaf recipe and make your meatloaf. Shape it more like a face and wrap with raw bacon to give it the look you desire. I use cut onions for the teeth and eyes. After cooking the onion will be brown too. You can add ketchup for blood and yellow mustard will turn brown once cooked on top so you can use it to add something extra as well.
  • Spider deviled eggs – Your favorite deviled egg recipe paired with black olives sliced on top to make a spider body and legs.
  • Snakes on a stick – Using breadstick dough here you wrap it around a skewer stick and place sliced black olives in one end to look like eyes and use pimento for the tongue. Cook according to dough directions and season with garlic butter and parmesan.



witch fingers

I love doing the zombie meatloaf for dinner for my family. While meatloaf isn’t their normal go-to meal, it seems like they all like it just a little more wrapped in bacon. If you really want to go a little extra than you would do for a weeknight meal you can take a rubber glove and freeze it full of water. Make a simple punch and toss the frozen hand in after you cut the glove off.

Party Or Not

Most years around this time everyone is planning for Halloween and looking for Halloween party snacks and treats to make or buy. I do understand that 2020 will look different for this. The fact is that many people have still been staying home and seeing family or friends that are doing the same. On the other side, some people are starting to get slightly more back to what our normal was before, and that will mean having another couple over and their children for a small Halloween get together. Some people will not be doing anything and that is quite alright too. We will be staying in and I am going to add a few new decorations (like this) to help keep our Halloween spirit up. I love a spooky table for our Halloween meal. All of these snacks and treats are foods that can be made for a get-together or in a small quantity for just your family.   *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Happy Halloween Friends 

Eat Well 

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If you decide to make the zombie meatloaf and need some ideas of what to make with meatloaf check this out!

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  1. Such a great idea for Halloween. I absolutely love it. I never thought to cook cookies and food for Halloween but this year I will give it a try thanks to your article.
    I am sure if the family can come around they will absolutely love it.

    Thanks for sharing an amazing article.

    • You are most welcome. I am so happy that you enjoyed my ideas. I find it is so much fun to cook for Halloween. I hope you find as much fun with it as I do.

  2. Spooky! These fingers in the last picture look creepy, I am trying to imagine eating them, lol. Are those the witches fingers?
    Those recipes look really easy, though, not only the three-ingredient ones but the others too. I like the spider cupcakes, they look cute 🙂 I also love the witches brooms and the ghost strawberries! I will definitely try these for this Halloween! Kids are going to love these (and me too)!

  3. So cool, my kids love love love halloween! We even made those spider cupcakes once, and they were so excited about this… We will definitely try worms in dirt and the eyeballs this year, thanks for sharing!!

    • I hope they have just as much fun this year with the eyeballs and worms in dirt. It is so fun to see their little faces light up so much.


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