First Apartment Kitchen List – For Houses Too

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This is a very exciting time if you are getting ready to move into your very first apartment or house. The feeling of having your own space for the first time is definitely something you will never forget. My first apartment kitchen list will get you started with one of the main areas in an … Read more

Labor Day Cookout Menu Ideas – Yummy

jalapeno poppers

Labor day weekend can be a very fun weekend, but it always comes with a little sadness to me as usually it marks the end of Summer. Labor day cookout menu ideas are always something I start thinking about early though. When you plan early, usually you can execute the plan pretty simply without too … Read more

Ninja Foodi 8qt Review

Product: Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Stainless Steel Price: $229.99 Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon Size Of Capacity: 8 Quart Guarantee: One (1) year limited warranty My Rating: 8/10 Do you love fried food, but hate the mess? Perhaps you forgot to thaw out the meat again for dinner? Steaming vegetables is a perfect way to prepare them, but don’t … Read more

Tips For Cleaning A Kitchen – It’s Really Not That Bad

tips for cleaning a kitchen

The most dreaded part of cooking for me is the cleanup. Crumbs on the counter, dishes piled up in the sink, dirty pans that can not go into the dishwasher, or risk them getting messed up. With these tips for cleaning a kitchen, hopefully, we can break it down into daily and weekly tasks to … Read more

Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken is my go to protein on our household. It is so versatile to cook. Chicken is a very lean protein depending on how you cook it. You can really do almost anything with it. Down below I will be showing you my version of how to cook easy chicken dinners. I hope you like … Read more